Absolva 'Live In Europe' CD

£8.00 - £9.00
Absolva 'Live In Europe' CD

Absolva 'Live In Europe' CD

Track listing
1. Life on the Edge
2. Rise Again
3. Never a Good Day to Die
4. Never Back Down
5. Live for the Fight
6. Defiance
7. No Tomorrow
8. Harsh Reality
9. Victimiser
10. Code Red

Shows Recorded in France, Belgium & Sweden.

'Live in Europe' features stunning artwork by Akirant Illustration
(Iron Maiden, Star Wars),

Plus remarkable live photography by Gernot Mangold (Sounds of South),
Die Buehrers, Hughes Vanhoucke, and Jorg Schnebele.

Mixed and produced by Christopher Appleton.
Mastered by Ade Emsley (Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, Tank, Voodoo Six).